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Alphabetical sorting with PHP in a multidimensional array

A multidimensional sorting experiment was foisted upon me by having to sort a giant array of LDAP results coming from Active Directory. Here is the weirdness in its rawest form. Consider this array. Seriously, consider this sucker! Do it! $arr = array( array( 35, "name" => "Fred" ), array( 22... > > read more

jQuery browser detection - oh yeah!

So, if you're not able to use the fantastic tags, such as these: <!--[if lt IE 9]> do stuff <![endif]--> Then, we're stuck digging through the DOM and Googling for a while to remember all the conditional statements from hell that we used to be stuck with. But, like a heartburn pill at a chili-cook-off, JQUERY TO THE R... > > read more


Installed the relatively new MVC 4 ASP.NET Framework today to try and mess around a bit and see what I could learn. Lots of nice new tools/toys in the new framework, including asyncronous controller calls! I first had to upate my client to Service Pack 1...yeah, I know, woefully out of date. Meh'. I installed MVC 4 view the web platform ... > > read more

JSON and CFQuery: Seriously guys!?!

Super handy tool Coldfusion has called SerializeJSON() should make talking with frameworks/toolsets like MooTools and JQuery easier. Passing data with just saying, 'here's my query and magically make it readable/parseable in the JS world'. Great idea, but wtf on the execution. Here is what a JS recordset should look like, imho:... > > read more

Timberline and Pervasive

So, this one isn't really even related to coding, but was a brain stumper that had me and another db nerd facepalming for hours. We had a client that had data stored in Timberline, which is an abstraction layer (accounting views, reports, blah) of Pervasive SQL. All the data was in Pervasive, but we couldn't the stored proc sp_linkedse... > > read more

JQuery - To be or not to be

Are you getting a JQuery error, that is something like: TypeError: $(".selector").myfunction is not a function I was. And, it was because I hadn't used the magic of .length. I know, I know, it's not all about length, but in this case, it is. I had a custom function attached to a selector, that was being called, but I wa... > > read more

Where in the seven levels of Microsoft is that bloody column!?

Today is the day when I had to, yet again, Google something that I'm sure I've Googled a dozen times. I was trying to find a column with the name 'email' somewhere in the great labyrinth that is our CRM/ERP/OMG system. For some reason, the creators of this much beloved beast of a database, didn't put an email field in their... > > read more

When not to use URL Rewrite in IIS

Most development shops focus on a specific language. We happen to focus on Coldfusion (though we also do PHP and ASP.NET C#), and one of the issues with CF's built in onMissingTemplate() function (in application.cfc) is that it doesn't handle requests to missing files, just missing coldfusion file requests. Example: /somefolde... > > read more

Why your site needs a favicon

What's that you say? A favicon! A small detail, yes, but one to not overlook for it is an extension of your website and your brand. Favicons are visible in all the major browsers, displayed in the tabs or in the location bar (and sometimes both.) They also show up in your list of bookmarks/favorites (hence the name). Favicons are tr... > > read more

SEO and me, a love story

SEO Schmess-EO says your boss? Bad boss! Bad, bad boss! Unless you intend to kidnap your customers and strap them down to a computer that only loads your web site, you should probably be doing this. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the following process: 1. Utilize analytics to see where your traffic is coming from 2. Describe the... > > read more

My smart phone is smarter than your 5th grader

Do you have a mobile phone? Sorry, stupid question. Unless, you’re 50 years in the future and you’ve stopped calling it that and now it’s implanted in your earlobe at birth….I digress. Some stats from Cisco’s web site, just in case there is any question as to whether or not you should take this whole mobile w... > > read more

Stars rating system: CFIMAGE, ImageNew and ImagePaste

So my challenge today was to create a report for some of our sister company's customers so they could see the output of some of the satisfaction surveys they have been conducting. They really want a graphical way to respresent a score, instead of giving it a grade or numerical value. Since their rating scale was using 1-5, we decided to us... > > read more

Do submit buttons require a name or id?

Nope. It does not. If you want to reference it directly via jQuery, you're going to use the ID, but the name is irrelevant. How did this simple piece of information (which seems like a pointless note....at first) come across my keyboard you ask? Or, perhaps you didn't. No bother, I'm going to tell you anyway. I was using a b... > > read more

Apple Tree Dental

It's an apple! It's a tree! Nope, it's the dentist. But, this dentist is nice. Seriously. So nice, in fact, that they give many of their services away for free. They drive to assisted living facilities with mini-dentist offices inside their wicked cool vans! They also provide services to people would not otherwise be ... > > read more

Avectra/netForum web services integration

Part 1 of 3 I recently did a web services integration using PHP and the non-profit focused membership system netForum (Avectra). The objectives were as follows: - Integrate a SSO for members - Pull and display membership and subscription information - Give access only to members or subscribers who have paid for access to the sp... > > read more

Meet our new developer

Omnera welcomes Mischa Suemnig as the latest addition to the team! Mischa has a diverse background in Information Technology including, Web Application Programming, Database Development and Network Management. Before joining Omnera, he was the IT Director and Lead Application Developer for a nationally recognized business reference library.... > > read more

What's your browser?

What web browser do you use? Hopefully not Internet Explorer version 6 which was released during the dark ages of the internet, circa 2001. Why does it matter you say? As web developers, we adhere to a set of standards defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) and we write code that is compliant to these standards. It is the only way to con... > > read more