About Omnera

Since 1996, Omnera has been in the web building business. Considering the changes in technology and the economy that have occurred during this time, this is an eternity. In the 90's, our chief concern was page load time since the majority of users were on dial-up slow speed Internet connections. HTML was coded by hand and the main web browser was Netscape Navigator. Then came the dot com days where project budgets didn't matter and neither did return on investment. It just had to be "cool." We expanded, added staff, got fancy new office space and all kinds of toys. Things were good.

Shortly after the boom, late in 2001, things came to a grinding halt. Our web designers were playing hacky sack in the office (seriously!) as there was nothing being done on the web - a complete stand still. Slowly, things began to improve and we all figured out that we actually needed to have a plan for a web project. A plan that includes a strategy and purposeā€¦ go figure.

Omnera PCS Staff Around 2003, we did our first web project for a local IT consulting firm called PC Solutions. It was instant synergy and the start of a healthy relationship that ultimately led PC Solutions to acquire Omnera in 2005. We are now an integral part of PC Solutions.

Through all of these changes, we have adapted and evolved but still hold true to our core belief that design and technology are equally important. A successful web project is where the design compliments the technology and vice versa. We are exclusively a web design and development agency and have been focused on the web since day one and intend to stay that way.

Our staff is comprised of senior-level creative and technical professionals that specialize in web sites and strategies that are as dynamic and appealing as they are effective and functional.

In 2012, Omnera and its parent company PC Solutions were acquired by by All Covered, a division of Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.