Is your website mobile-ready? Posted by John H


Date: June 14, 2012

Web Design and Development

The web has been mobile for quite some time but we are now seeing a huge increase in mobile website activity. What used to be 1 or 2% is now 15% and more in some cases. Mobile web is projected to overtake desktop web access within the next couple years - make sure you are ready!

We have always employed a standards-based approach when it comes to building websites so fortunately the transition is a natural extension of the process.

The biggest challenge has to do with screen sizes and proportions. Smartphones have much less screen space than the ever-increasing desktop widescreen, plus the ability to rotate vertically and horizontally.

Your website should be responsive to the device it is being viewed on. Flexible widths, image sizes and content need to be factored in when designing a site that maintains a high level of usability across all devices.